Understanding Reverse Logistics and why it is a Boon or a Bane for your eCommerce store

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Reverse Logistics

Shopping offline in a store is a big process – finding out which t-shirt is supposed to be chosen, amongst the variety of clothing available and the number of people in the store. Also, not wanting to stay in a queue to try on a single t-shirt, fortunately, it turns out to be right fit, colour, shape and size, no more hassle of running to go back and finding the right one, waiting again in a queue to pay for the same. All this at a particular time when the store operates. Not a minute earlier, not in a minute late. 

But when online shopping is considered, there are no time boundaries, you can access every store, every piece of clothing at any time from anywhere. Not only this, shopping online is actually cheaper than shopping offline. There is no wastage of time in payments. But the only issue that arises is when the t-shirt isn’t the right size, colour or fit. Who will exchange it and get the right size? This scenario is the perfect description of the need for reverse logistics. 

For any reason, if the customer wants to exchange, get a refund or replace the product bought online, the order is brought back to the origin, which in logistics terms is known as Return To Origin(RTO).  Apart from the above reason, there are plenty of reasons for a customer to opt for RTO, which are :

  1. Delivery is completed with the compromised quality of the product.
  2. There are issues with size/colour/preference with the product ordered.
  3. There is a change of mind or liking towards the ordered product.
  4. The customer address is incorrect and the delivery boy couldn’t deliver, leading to delaying in the payment.
  5. Customer not at home to receive the delivery.
  6. The price is changed if opted for COD, for example, the addition of hidden shipping charges.

Why RTO is a CURSE for your eCommerce Store?

  • Increase in Inventory Issues

Until and unless the shipment reaches back to the origin, the inventory will always show one less of the amount of stock available. This causes mismanagement of inventory and shipments, causing a delay or incompetent service.

  • A decrease in Customer Loyalty

If the above-mentioned mishap happens, there is a delayed experience for the customer, there will be increment for the customer to evaluate shopping from your store in comparison to other stores providing on-time deliveries. Customers preferring other stores will decrease sales and increase a negative review of your store in the market.

  • Reverse Logistics adds cost

Reverse logistics adds cost to the store through customer dissatisfaction. But apart from this, there is an additional cost that the logistics partner charges. GetGo Logistics, on the other hand, provides cheapest RTO charges for the store owners, therefore converting reverse logistics into a boon.

Why RTO is a BOON for your eCommerce Store?

  • Shows Client Friendly Approach

Offering the buyer a return policy adds a great value. The consumer can take a chance and try shopping online as their money won’t be wasted and can be called for a refund later.

  • Increases Brand Trust

Offering RTO services, will not only increase the trust to buy from the store, but it will also generate positive feedback in the market for being the most customer-friendly store. 

  • Automatic Marketing

Just by opting to include a return policy for the buyers, trust is generated, it shows a client-focused approach as well as generates positive reviews in the market. It automatically becomes a great marketing strategy to generate and convert leads. No more aggressive marketing techniques would be needed.

GetGo Logistics is a great option for any eCommerce store because it offers the lowest courier rates at just Rs. 22/500 gm as well as cheapest RTO rates. GetGo Logistics makes sure of eCommerce store owners to never feel RTO is a curse but in fact, is the greatest boon for the store to have.

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