Top 5 Payment Methods for Your eCommerce Store

payment gateways

To operate a successful E-commerce website, a user-friendly layout is a prerequisite. Providing multiple payment gateways will ensure the buyer to seal the deal. Whether you’re a well-established E-commerce store owner or starting from scratch, offering payment options needs to be your priority. Having multiple options in hand becomes appealing to all your customers who sometimes prefer online payment to offline and vice versa. Some of the gateways are:

Online Payment Options 

Credit Card

Credit cards are an easy way out for any buyer who majorly shops on the impulse as well as a rational shopper because eventually the payment will be done through the bank. Just how payment through credit card works, similar will be the process for the eCommerce store also. The customers will be given a page to add their card number, expiry date, name on the card, and a CVV. Giving an option to save the card details will help you to understand the number of loyal customers as well as it also becomes easier and much more convenient.

Debit card

Just like a credit card, a debit card also follows the same process. The only difference between them is that in debit card buyers pay with the money already present in their bank whereas with a credit card they loan the amount from the bank. This helps a rational buyer buy only the necessary products with a full idea of shipping and additional charges. In the case of an impulsive buy, the buyer has full discretion in terms of the amount of money spent or will have to spend.

 Net Banking

Using net banking, the user can pay for his transaction directly from his/her account. You can redirect the users to the bank’s website where they enter their login credentials from which the money is directly deducted from the customer’s bank account. It is a very convenient option for the majority of Indian customers who prefer online payment than offline but at the same time do not feel comfortable in disclosing card details.

Offline Payment Option

Pay on Delivery

Pay on Delivery is a payment gateway used by customers who do not feel comfortable in sharing their bank/card details online, but would rather prefer paying through them in person. Offering this payment option not only helps the customer feel no pressure of paying through cash nor it stresses them for risky online payments. 

Cash on Delivery

When E-commerce started in India, the only thing that motivated the buyers to buy online was cash on delivery service. It is a favorable option for those buyers who aren’t comfortable with buying online. COD is the most opted method of payment in the Indian customer market, especially in tier 2 cities.

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