GetGo Logistics vs Shiprocket

Surely, the logistics industry in India is quite competitive and it undoubtedly has to be, with the immense talent discovered in different parts across the country, giving rise to an eCommerce revolution, it is indeed a great service provided by logistics companies to share those talents pan India.

If you are an eCommerce business provider, so many issues need to be tackled. Doesn’t it irritate when there isn’t timely delivery or rather an absolute and concise track of the shipment? It takes a toll on personal patience when the pick up isn’t on time and after all the hassle of pick up and delivery when does the COD remittance take place? And even if shipping is not used for an eCommerce business, do you still think your tangible memories and some treasures can be shared with your loved ones through courier but cannot or rather don’t want to pay the stupid charges asked for delivery? It becomes a problem of itself when the shipping
product is damaged or the shipping dashboard to manage everything is not convenient to use. Well, worry no more.

Founded in 2016, GetGo Logistics is a Mumbai based logistics company, owning complete expertise in the area of its operation. GetGo is the solution to all your delivery problems. In all this ruckus of logistics firms in India, what good has GetGo done within a span of 3 years? Check what GetGo has achieved in comparison with its neck to neck competitor Shiprocket.

FactorsGetgo LogisticsShiprocket
Year Of Inception20162013
Charges within city (Rs)2227
Charges Within zone (Rs)2735
Charges Metro to Metro (Rs)3343
Charges Rest of India (Rs)3846
Charges For North East, J&K
and Kerala
COD Charges (%)1.2%2%
Minimum COD Charges (Rs)3032

Surprisingly, GetGo’s base rates end up at just Rs. 26.4 which is again cheaper than Shiprocket. Clients are only charged at pocket-friendly rates to fulfill our passion for having no hesitation of shipping at the same time being the best in it. What more does GetGo offer?

FactorsGetgo LogisticsShiprocket
Pin Code Coverage20k+26k+
COD Pin Codes 20k+ 26k+
International shippingYesYes
COD Remittance cycleTwice a WeekThrice a
NDR ManagerAutomatedAutomated in
All Plans
NDR IVR callingYesYes (Only for advance & Pro
Aceess to API Yes Yes (Only for advance & Pro Plans)
Order Sync and Inventory sync Yes Yes
Integration with channel partner Yes Yes (Only for advance & Pro Users)
Mobile App Yes Yes
Minimum CommitmentNoNo
Loss Of ShipmentCovered
up till
Rs. 2000
Only If insurance is paid

Since Shiprocket has been in the business for a longer time, the comparison has been made with the best possible plan they can provide. However, GetGo doesn’t include any plans and thus best services, channel integration, and API integrations are provided to literally anyone who takes advantage of GetGo Logistics.

The data states that Shiprocket does provide a little advancement in the services that even GetGo provides, but so much has been achieved in just three years. The API integration and the dashboard provided by GetGo is so easy to use, it accelerates the process of tracking, customer support and managing shipments.

After finally making the decision of using a logistics firm, it’s efficiency is only understood by the time taken for delivery. What is the use of paying the charged rate if the delivery isn’t done as and when required? GetGo has a proven delivery rate of Days Taken 1-2 2-3 2-3 4-5 6-7 Region Within City Within State Metro to Metro

Rest of India Special Zone

Metro to MetroRest Of

While Shiprocket, on the other hand, makes delivery within 2-8 days and if urgent delivery is required, extra charges for express delivery needs to be paid for a day’s delivery. Surely, GetGo charges for a security deposit but is 100% refundable which not only makes sure that the clients are important to us but also a trust between the clients are GetGo is kept. It’s on you now whether to opt for the old and passable Shiprocket, or to start to Get Going with GetGo Logistics.
The choice is yours.