GetGo Logistics vs ePickr

Getgo vs ePickr

The competition in any industry in India is rising with the young generation starting their own ventures. However, variety can put blinds in the eye of the client considering the amount of substitution available.  Making an informed decision is imperative in any business, and when it comes down to partnering with a logistics firm, a lot of factors come under consideration. Let’s have a look at the most upfront features for comparison between two brands in the logistics industry of India.

FactorsGetGo Logistics ePickr
Charges Within City (Rs)2249
COD Charges (%)1.4%2.5%
Minimum COD Charges (Rs)3060

COD is the most common method of payment for the Indian consumers as not everyone is comfortable in disclosing their bank details on the web.

FactorsGetGo LogisticsePickr
Pin Code Coverage20000K+26500+
COD Pin Codes20K+NA
International ShippingYesYes
COD remittance cycleTwice a weekNA
NDR ManagerAutomatedOnly Reports
NDR IVR CallingYesYes 
Access to APIYesYes
Order sync and inventory syncYesNo
Integration with Channel PartnersYes
Mobile AppYesNo
Loss of ShipmentCovered up till Rs. 2000NA

It is very evident that not only GetGo Logistics offers multiple premium services with fast delivery, but the charges are also very pocket-friendly, making it accessible to anyone and everyone who wants to ship anything.

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