7 Ways to Increase Online Conversions for your Business

increase conversions

Having the best of the best marketing and creative team, along with an exceptional sales team is extremely necessary for a firm to have a quality customer base at first. Digitalization has now removed barriers in understanding what the clients want, but the rise in competition, high amount of inflation attached with the volatility of Indian markets and the status of Indian Rupee as a currency in the international arena are some of the factors that make an Indian prospective buyer to rationalize the competition and opt for an informed buy.

This rationality has had a drastic impact on the businesses through low sales, with no amount of marketing and sales team’s hard work that can help increase the sales. In digital terminology, low conversions give low business. To counter this, the creative team should do smart work along with hard work. Some tips that can help increase online conversions are :

  • Quality Along With Quantity

When a product image is displayed on the website, it gives an impression to the buyer of the product’s appearance and feel when it becomes tangible. Hence, having great and lifelike product images will add value and stature to the image. Mentioning the inventory such as “ONLY 2 Available” will act as a catalyst in the purchase of the product.

  • Digital Sales Pitch

  • In the offline markets, when a customer is not ready to buy, our sales team knows their ways to close the purchase. But in the online markets, product descriptions act as a sales pitch. It should be short, sweet, concise but on point. Highlight the main Selling Point, just like this to draw immediate attention. 

    • Become Best Friends with the Prospective Buyer

    • All thanks to the digital era, customers likes, dislikes, their “Add to Cart Wishlist” can be known within just a few clicks. Make their wish list come alive, offer reductions on person-specific items to grab eyeballs and increase sales. Extra points for an added UX service, without actually having the UX team to do extra work.

      • Empathize with your new BFF

      • While shopping online, not everyone is comfortable sharing their bank details online. Empathize this situation by understanding the need of the customer and giving it to them, do not miss out on a sale. In this scenario, offer cash on delivery, pay on delivery, net banking, RTGS, half and half. By offering multiple payment gateways, expand your customer base.

        • Create a Need

        • Even after all this, if the rise in conversions is not up to the expected level, create a demand. Start from the basic, what is the problem, why is the product the solution and how should one use the product? Have you ever seen telebrand’s videos? Even if a product has not been bought, almost everyone becomes aware of the brand. More videos and visuals increase brand awareness. More brand awareness will increase conversions without a doubt.

          • Increase Enthusiasm 

          • Offering services such as, “Shop more than Rs.2499 & avail FREE SHIPPING” or “Buy 3 products and get flat 30% off on shipping” does not only motivate the buyer to shop, but it also increases sales at the same time. 

          • Give the Final Pat on the Back

          • Shopping online is risky, no doubt. You do not know what the product is going to be until and unless the product arrives. To make sure the customer takes this risk of shopping online, give them a final kick by displaying feedback, reviews, and testimonials of other customers. Ask your customers to leave personal feedback for the new buyer so that he/she feels the same experience just like the other customers.

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