6 Ways to Increase Sales on Amazon

increase sales on amazon

It’s 2019, and the majority of shopping happens online. The concept of brick and mortar, brand loyalty and brand connections are long gone. Today we can find anything online, everything from A-Z which is literally what Amazon stands for. Look for a product and countless options are available: buy the product, sell the product, exchange or even try and return the product.

But the process of supplying to the demand needs with an increment of competition and creating a need to become known and a trust-worthy seller needs creativity and smart work. All our business colleges and universities teach how to earn money, but there is a smarter way to do the same with a few tricks and tips from the ones already in the industry. 

  • Marketing 101

Marketing is not a new solution to increase sales, what is new is the way of promoting. Although the products are sold on Amazon, the promotion of the product should be everywhere (under Amazon’s rules and regulations). This includes personal websites, blogs, social media channels like Facebook, Instagram. By making sure that the product grabs eyeballs, the product will end up creating a demand.

  • SEO

New age marketing is just promotion- it also includes generating as well as creating awareness in the online world. This will only happen through Search Engine Optimization i.e SEO. To make sure your brand is the first brand that the buyer should think of, usage of SEO is the right thing. SEO has become a new investment for profitable sales.

  • Inventory Sync

The only reason to market a product is to generate sales. Online sales, just like offline needs to be monitored, tabulated and maintained. However, the physical presence of products makes the inventory valuation simpler as compared to selling on Amazon. To which, it will be in the best interest of any seller to use Amazon’s automated sync to put ease on the sales and focus on marketing and product development. The automated sync makes sure an exact amount of data is provided and time is not wasted to tabulate the same.

  • Increasing the Sales Rank

Just how SEO works in a general search engine for each and every product or service, sales rank works the same way, which is just restricted to Amazon and its products. The more is the sales rank, the more noticeable the product becomes for the buyer. Increment in the sales rank will lead to any Amazon seller to win the Buy Box. And that is the definite goal.

  • Mobile Optimization

Just like how it has been a big jump from offline to online market, there is an even bigger leap from desktops and PC’s to mobiles and tablets. To become a successful Amazon seller, it should be of great priority to make sure that everything works on a cell phone as well. 63% of online shopping takes place through mobile, which can even further bifurcate into impulsive shopping (liking what you see and instantly buying) and a thoughtful buy (which is thought about, compared prices, checked and verified). 

  • Online Trust

During the time of the offline market, there used to be a certain sector of buyers who used to buy a product because of the trust and relationship that the brand shared with the client. In the age of online markets and due to the increment in competition, a seller should be trusted online as well. This can happen through reviews. The word of mouth has now shifted to reviews and feedbacks, likes and comments. Positive reviews, generate an unknown trust, leading from a confused to the “right choice” sale of a product.

The basic concept of buying and selling, demand and supply still remain the same. The only thing that differentiates between markets then and markets now is the way of doing it. Instead of aggressive marketing, smart and trending marketing should be used. Instead of brand loyalty, online word of mouth should be used. Understanding the need and urgency of the need of any client is what Amazon stands for, and to comply with the same should be any Amazon seller’s approach. Amazon is far and widespread and thus, a seller can market any product, because there will always be a target group of customers. But to make sure the target group of customers remain and grow in number; smart marketing techniques should be used to make a seller smart.

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