5 Essentials Before Starting an Online Business

Must haves to start an commence business

Starting a business can be quite daunting. It includes multiple people, management of the people, tasks in hand, investors, money, land, inventory and most importantly, a physical presence. Starting an online business is no cakewalk. Although the amount of stress and pressure is less as compared to the physical, offline business. The heart, body, and soul of the online business is the website. To make sure the website is flawless, before and after publishing it live for everyone to browse, we have the last 5-minute MUST-HAVES that will help you keep in check everything important.

  • Start your Online Joint Family
  • If you exist in reality and also your business, the trending, approachable and the photo ID of the existence is now verified by having a social media presence. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc, make sure you leave no site in confirming and verifying your existence. The easiest, yet strongest form of Brand Awareness and Marketing-turning into- Sales is social media. The youngest millionaire in the world, Kylie Jenner, has no marketing or sales team. It is just Snapchat.

  • Invite your Gossip Aunty
  • There is always an aunty in the family who is always interested in everyone’s business. Make sure to invite her to keep a track of the website visitors and conversions and manage the website traffic. In the online terminology, it is very necessary to integrate with an analytics tool to maintain website traffic.

  • Keep it Entertaining
  • When you go to a wedding and no one dances or there aren’t skits or good food, the wedding does not fit into a “memorable” or “eventful” category. Similarly, make sure to have necessary engagements with people, or even opt for PR. Social media is a great tool to generate buzz.

  • Phone your CA uncle, ASAP
  • Handling finances without a CA is like going to a maze without a map. Just how your finances need to undergo an audit, similarly your website needs an audit itself. Everything needs to be optimized- content, images, time taken to load the page, etc.

  • Rely on Delivery dada
  • Everything is perfect, a great website, optimized content, exceptional marketing strategies that generate a crazy amount of leads. But who is going to deliver the products that are going to be ordered? By investing in a good & reliable logistics solutions provider, the problem is solved. Partnering with GetGo Logistics will help you avail premium services at the cheapest courier rates in India starting at just Rs. 22/500 gm.

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