4 Ways to start Advertising on Amazon

increase sales on amazon

When a buyer is looking out to buy a particular product, the first-ever marketplace that the buyer goes to without even doubt is Amazon. If there is an urgency of the product, only then will the product will be searched on other web stores. This is just the basic mentality of any non-frequent shopper, “If it is not available on Amazon, it is just not available online.” 

To take advantage of this mentality, everyone now is a listed seller on Amazon. Now for one product, there are thousands of options. This has not only increased Amazon’s business but also has increased variety for the customers. But many times, the customer does not end up buying the product only because of the number of similar products available and your specific product does not reach the eye of the customer. Don’t decrease your potential sales because the customer has to make efforts to search for your products, instead make sure that your products reach the customers. 

This is now possible, all thanks to advertising, but to reach the right audience, we can all now focus just on Amazon Advertising. The types of advertising available on Amazon are:

  • Sponsored Products

Just like on-page SEO, as mentioned in this article, it is imperative for you as a listed seller, to make sure of your products reaching the eye of the customer. Amazon’s Advertising service makes sure no customer leaves without looking at your product.

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  • Sponsoring Brands

While searching for a product, there are multiple times, a customer can be attracted towards the products they are searching for as well as products you can offer. Make use of your brand name to your power and increase your sales by sponsoring your whole brand.

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  • Impress with your Product Line

Just like Sponsored Brands, make sure the customer views all of the products that your store can offer. Even if it is not a water bottle brand, as used as an example for this blog, you can still make sure, your store reaches everyone who even searches for anything remotely relevant that you offer.

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  • Video Advertising

Go full basic. Create a demand for your customers for your products. Don’t just wait there, make a video and show how can the product be used at the same time. Just like TVCs, make a commercial on Amazon and link it to your store. 

  • Descriptive Ads

Another service that Amazon advertising offers is using descriptive ads. They are nothing but just the product images which can be put on the Amazon webpage where the seller wants the products to be displayed. They are always in the eyesight of the customer.

The basic reason for spending money on Amazon Advertising is to invest in a lead generation strategy that converts potential buyers to loyal buyers of the brand. It is a great source of increasing brand awareness, outreach and sales. It works through PPC (pay per click) and PPM (pay per impressions) in thousand impressions. Costs will be added in your Amazon Seller Account which helps in easy navigation of marketing and inventory at the same time and same place.

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