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Demand for a premium delivery experience is on this rise as convenience has fast become a key differentiator. Our technology seamlessly integrates with yours, allowing you to conveniently manage and ship your inventory in real time. Request a courier in three clicks when needed, using a pay-as-you-go model and deliver using a professional courier fleet. Simple, right? GetGo is the perfect partner to raise service levels for all of your urgent deliveries at the lowest possible shipping charges.

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The perfect delivery solution for your e-shop

Simple competitive pricing

No more hassles of choosing between confusing rates & hidden charges from different courier partners. With GetGo you get simple single pricing for all partners.

Cash on delivery

GetGo offers COD payment at the lowest rates, enabling merchants to collect cash payments. Faster remittances enable you to get the cash flowing into the business.

AI driven processes

It’s a dynamic platform designed to be simple, effective and adaptable to your needs. It selects the most effective delivery option & creates accurate shipping labels.

Best support in the industry

Gain access to a team fanatical about dedicated support. We don’t do automated voice recordings or ignore difficult tickets, we live by our commitments.

Valuable insights

We’re dedicated to understanding your business in and out so we can help you grow. We provide actionable insights for strategic business planning and forecasting.

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Fast, flexible and cost-effective solution to ship products to your customers

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Easy and convenient process to return for all your customers

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Cost-effective solution for urgent deliveries

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Comprehensive integrations

Simple & powerful integrations with the world’s leading eCommerce platforms. The GetGo Shipping API makes it easy for developers to integrate GetGo into your eCommerce platform or Warehouse Management System. We also have direct integrations into some of the most popular industry platforms. Free up technical resources and eliminate the friction and ongoing expense of carrier integrations. Focus your time on scaling your business and taking care of your customers.

Logistics solution

Best in industry performance

With customer's growing appetite for faster deliveries, GetGo is one platform that will help you power all your last-mile needs and delight your clients. Unleash the full potential of flexible, convenient and precise deliveries by partnering with us. Experience Happy Customers and Increase in Revenue with us

Ecommerce courier solution

Fastest remittance

COD is one of the most preferred modes of payment across the e-commerce vertical, with over 70% online orders getting processed via COD. Ship with us with no minimum commitments, Collect COD remittances twice in a week, Get a detailed history of remittances on your COD orders.

Courier aggregator ecommerce

Widest coverage

GetGo has an expansive reach and strong presence across India offering end-to-end logistics solutions covering more than 20000+ Pin codes. Our network makes it incredibly easy to ship your goods via express air or surface as per the demand.

All aggregators

Seamless returns

Online consumers - especially younger and more connected ones - not only increasingly look at return policies before checking out, but show growing interest in more convenient delivery options. Simple returns lead to satisfied customers and repeat sales. Get returns right, act on repeat buying and customer loyalty.

Reduce RTO

Customized solution

Offline or Online. Big or small. As long as you deliver, we have a solution. Our enterprise logistics solutions are built for you from the ground up. We work with large enterprises to create logistics solutions perfectly tailored to their business needs, with our technology and operational prowess at the centre of it.

Return shipments
Shiprocket API integration

Multiple courier companies

Add on-demand delivery to your business:
  • Sell on the top channels and marketplaces while you ship with the most reliable shipping platform
  • Direct integrations into some of the most popular industry platforms
  • Automatic dispatch to most adequate courier following availability and package size
Lowest courier rate

Lowest shipping rate

Create your business account in no time, and start delivering today:
  • Select your pick up & drop off address
  • Select package size
  • Review pricing & launch the job
Widest coverage courier company

Fast COD Remittance

Sell anywhere, ship using GetGo
  • Compatible with all major marketplaces, ERP and order processing system
  • Effectual process automation guarantee on-time shipments regularly.
  • Automatically fetches order information to reduce turnaround time

Grow customer loyalty with awesome delivery

By partnerning with GetGo get ready to offer the best delivery experience in the market to all your clients:

  • NDR management
  • Courier cost calculator
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